Dental Anxiety Relief

Anxiety in the dental office is common for patients. We offer therapies to make your dental visit more comfortable.

a) Nitrous oxide/oxygen 

i) Nitrous oxide is an inhaled aid to relieve mild anxiety.

ii) This technique has an impeccable safety record which has stood the test of time longer than any other drug.

iii) Provides pain and anxiety control that is quickly and easily reversed.

iv) It is virtually eliminated from the body when its use is discontinued.

v) Patients are mildly sedated and respond to verbal commands.

b) Conscious sedation

i) Conscious sedation is a medically controlled state to relieve a high level of dental anxiety.

ii) The patient remains partially conscious and the ability to respond to verbal commands is intact.

iii) Patient’s undergoing conscious sedation require a heightened level of monitoring by the clinicians.

iv) Pre and post opt instructions

(1) Wear loose, comfortable clothing with short sleeves or no sleeves to permit ready access to the arms for monitoring (such as blood pressure cuffs).

(2) Bring a light-weight blanket to the dental office in case you get cold.

(3) Remove dark nail polish prior to dental treatment if possible.

(4) Tell the doctor of any changes in your health (including but not limited to new medications, recent surgeries, illnesses, etc.) prior to taking the oral medication.

(5) Do not consume alcoholic beverages the evening prior to or for 48 hours following dental treatment.

(6) Do not consume with caffeinated foods or beverages.

(7) Do not eat 6 hours prior to taking the medication. You may drink a little water to take the medication but keep it minimal.

(8) Expect some "relaxation” to begin 45-60 minutes after taking the oral medication. Do not expect the medication to put you to sleep.

(9) Take only as many tablets as instructed. If additional tablets were prescribed, bring them with you to the dental office.

(10) All sedation patients must be accompanied to and from the office by a responsible adult. Such parties shall make sure it is ok to leave with the receptionist and leave a cell phone number. Patients may not permit strangers (such as taxi-drivers) to drive or assist them while under sedation.

(11) You will need assistance by a responsible adult with walking and using the restroom.

(12) You should have a responsible adult stay with you for at least 12 hours following the appointment.

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