a) The two main types of dentures are complete and partial.

i) Complete dentures are needed when all teeth have been lost from the upper or lower jaw.

ii) Partial dentures are needed when some teeth have been lost from the upper or lower jaw.

b) The advantages to wearing dentures include:

i) Patients regain chewing ability, enabling a more natural diet.

ii) Better speech – speaking without teeth can be difficult for many patients.

iii) Esthetics – dentures give the appearance of a natural, beautiful smile.

iv) Self-confidence – the changes in the smile boosts the patient’s confidence.

c) The transition from using natural teeth to wearing a denture

i) The transition is a process.

ii) Multiple visits to the clinic following the placement of a denture are to be expected.

iii) Dentures require many adjustments.

iv) The fit of a denture changes over several months after having tooth extractions.

d) Patients often wear a full denture on the upper jaw and a partial denture on the lower jaw.

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