Dental implants function to replace missing teeth. There are two basic categories of tooth replacement fixed and removable prosthetics (prosthetic being the term).

a) Fixed prosthetics

i) Fixed implants support a single false tooth or several teeth that are not removable by the patient.

ii) Examples of fixed teeth supported by implants are:

(1) Single tooth requiring one implant

(2) Implant supported bridge requiring no less than one implant (usually two)

(3) Implant supported denture requiring no less than four implants

b) Removable prosthetics

i) Removable prosthetics normally are used when multiple teeth are needing replacement.

ii) Removable prosthetics require the patient to take out the false teeth daily to keep them clean and let the natural tissues "breathe.

iii) Removable treatments are usually more economical

iv) Examples of removable implant supported teeth are:

(1) Implant supported partial denture

(2) Implant supported full denture

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