Preventative Dentistry

a) Oral hygiene instruction

i) The prevention of decay depends greatly on each patientís understanding of how to best take care of their teeth.

ii) Our dental team will provide you with techniques in brushing, flossing and oral hygiene aids at your hygiene visits.

b) Fluoride applications

i) Prescription strength fluoride product designed solely for the use in the dental office.

ii) The purpose of this treatment is to remineralize the teeth making them stronger and less likely to become decayed.

c) Sealants

i) Sealants are placed to prevent decay.

ii) Sealants are tooth colored and are placed into the grooves of teeth to make them more cleansable and to prevent bacteria from collecting in the natural grooves of teeth.

iii) Patients do not need to be numb when sealants are placed.

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